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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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February 28, 2022

#asmr #tingles #sleep ✨ Hello, hello! Tonight The content Creator has a new tingly textures session for you, where We scratch and tap on different textured items with the 3dio 4 mic setup, whilst whispering to you ear to ear ☺️ A few of these items have been in the previous tingly textures videos, but some are new. We hope you enjoy this old school magic video and find it relaxing! Thank you very much for watching, lots of love ~ Rhianna πŸ’™ xoxo


00:00 - 03:39 - Metal mic scratching on 3Dio and Shure mics, whispering

03:40 - 12:01 - Bamboo slatted mat, higher pitched tapping/scratching

12:02 - 23:32 - Vinyl anti slip mat

23:33 - 33:03 - PVC Boston cat pencil case

33:04 - 41:17 - Pink plastic lego plate, crisper sounds

41:18 - 51:56 - Cake board, thick cardboard sounds

51:57 - 1:03:20 - Vinyl pyramid sheets. Bassy sounds with some textured brush handle scratches

1:03:21 - 1:13:41 - Glitter sleep mask. Very scratchy

1:13:42 - 1:24:29 - Beaded place mat. Quite bassy.

1:24:30 - 1:31:00 - Fabric covered Dior book

1:31:01 - End - Vinyl pebble "frogspawn" bath mat. Gentle sounds & goodnight 😴

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❀️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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