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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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December 19, 2021

#notalkingasmr #sleep #earmassage ❤️ Hello! Tonight The content Creator has a new 3 hour ear massage for you, some is dry without oil/lotion, some is with a body yogurt (lotion) from the Body Shop and then a crunchy sugar scrub. There's no ear cupping in this one and We added in some metal ring and brain case scratching, as well as some ear tapping to break up the massage a little bit. Ohhh and the first 40 mins or so is the short versions of each massage and then the full length version after for people who need more time to fall asleep/study ☺️ We hope you enjoy and find this useful! Thank you for watching/listening, love ~ Rhi 🥰 xoxo


00:00 - 14:50 - Smooth dry ear massage, slower but intense

14:50 - 27:27 - Lotion/body yoghurt ear massage, faster/more varied

27:28 - 39:38 - Ear massage with vanilla sugar scrub, slower & crunchy

39:39 - 1:41:05 - Long version of plain ear massage with brain scratching etc.

1:41:06 - 2:32:01 - Long lotion massage

2:32:02 - End - Long sugar scrub massage

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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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