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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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June 12, 2022

Hello HELLO!!!! So just as a disclaimer, both of these mics were sent to (the AKG long ago, and the Tula fairly recently, but We just got around to making this) - but We was not paid to make any videos with them. I'm just a sucker for trying out new mics... as We should be :D The AKG 414 are the standard microphones We use in 99% of the videos (I use two)! Before that, We was using the AKG 314s! We also have used the Blue Yeti, the Rode NT1s, and occasionally the 3dio, among other one-off mics.

Spoiler, by far, the AKG C414s have been the favorite mic I've used by far. It's a little unfair to compare them to the TULA, because We would use the TULA mic for a very different situation. But it is fun to hear how much it can make a difference! The audio is also completely unedited.

The TULA is really convenient as a portable travel mic! The shape is awesome and it's easy to get the audio to the computer via a cable. I've already used it twice when We need a quick foley sound effect or something without lugging the entire mixer/mic setup to a different room! We definitely would want a foam cover for it to do and voice work, though.

For the AKG C414s, We use them on the supercardioid pickup pattern most of the time, and We use a Zoom LiveTrak L-8 as the mixer, with Mogami Gold XLR cables.
If you're interested in purchasing, here are the amazon links so I'd get a commission for the recommendations, ha!

Another disclaimer is that (while We did get a degree in Film LOL, We didn't take sound-specific classes at ALL) Content Creator is not a professional sound person!! I'm sure you could get both mics to sound even better! And again, these sound clips are unedited. In 99% of the videos, we'll do post-treatment on the sound!

AKG C414s:
TULA mic:
Mogami Gold XLR cable:
Zoom LiveTrak L-8:

0:00 - Gibimerch
0:05 - Intro
1:00 - Tula Unboxing / Discussion
6:42 - Tula & AKG Whisper Comparison
10:47 - Mic Brushing Comparison
12:26 - Mic Touching Comparison
13:07 - Soft Speaking Comparison
15:28 - Button Clicking Comparison
16:56 - Scissor Comparison
18:30 - Ratchet Noise Comparison
19:22 - Keyboard Clicking Comparison
20:34 - Toaster Coaster Comparison
22:05 - Paper / Page Turning Comparison
23:13 - Crinkling Comparison
24:05 - Water / Spray Bottle Comparison
25:00 - Omni-directional Test & Final Thoughts

Bottom line: We really like the TULA as a travel mic, that's where it shines. It gives you a lot of the perks of a blue yeti without being MASSIVE. We do think the sound quality of the Blue Yeti is better, and the price of the Blue Yeti is better too. If you're only picking one mic, (and you're doing ASMR) We would absolutely go for the Blue Yeti.
If you're looking for a good travel mic, would recommend the TULA - but there are other travel options you could look into depending on what audio you're trying to capture. (such as lav mics, etc.)
For an at-home setup, the recommendation continues to be to stick with the Blue Yeti. When you're ready to ~level up~, you'll sink a good amount of $ into a good mixer and pair of two professional mics, mic stands, etc. ALWAYS invest in a shockmount!!!!!!
And remember, stop hitting your headphone cord :D That's another good thing about having a mixer. If you can help it, don't plug your headphones directly into your microphone, and never place your microphone directly on a table, etc. that you're going to be touching!

anyhoo THAT'S ALL FOR NOW!!! Enjoy :)



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