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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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November 5, 2021

Why howdy everyone! We explain everything in the video but it's pretty long so I'll also re-hash it here in the description box if you want to read instead. Open me!

This is not a sponsored vid (I wasn't paid to make it) BUT these mics were gifted to for free, We did not pay for them! However, the history w mics has gone like this:
(a brief summary)
-Purchased Blue Yeti & really liked it, however they broke a lot (and the cables broke even more) but very affordable all things considered, & great / fairly easy to use (my personal opinion, however We see a lot of people confused w how to use them)
-Purchased Rode NT1s (and really liked them, but they broke a LOT and are also pretty expensive... had to buy several... they would break and We wouldn't know it and it would ruin videos... sad)
-Purchased 3dio & literally hate it so much omg maybe I'm just stupid but We can't use the headphone jack to hear anything and it makes the voice sound like a tin can even tho i got the upgraded one (It's useful for some videos We make that require specific ears but ... not the fave)
-Was contacted by AKG and asked if We wanted to try their C314s. We said ok!
-Did a mic test on the C314s:
-Ended up fully switching to C314s... and I'm still on the same pair from that video, over a year ago! This is impressive bc The content Creator has traveled with them and have not been particularly gentle... So We was like yay!
-Really liked using the C314 as the streaming mic too, but every time We wanted to film w two mics, We would have to go get the other microphone from the stream room, move it to the filming setup, etc... so We was like ok: We think We just want ONE more C314!
-Asked AKG if they would be willing to send one, they said - we don't have them in stock atm BUT would you be interested in trying.... the C414s!?!?!
Here is that test!!! They also sent their USB mic the ARA, which We test in this video! It runs a little cheaper than the Blue Yeti (ARA ~$99, Blue Yeti ~$130, but We find Blue Yetis for $99 pretty easily) but as you'll see in the test We would still recommend the Blue Yeti specifically for ASMR creators. For streaming/recording/podcasting etc.: it would be a toss up depending on what you're looking for!

I just of course wanted to say that Content Creator is very grateful to AKG for sending these mics: and while they are of phenomenal quality:
1. You do not need to spend thousands of $$ on mics to have a great ASMR channel/content!
2. Content Creator is not formally educated in sound capture/design! editor, Vest, is self-taught as well! If you are looking for a very technical sound-savvy microphone review akin to like, Sweetwater or something: you should def look elsewhere LOL (
That being said, Content Creator is excited to take the time to learn more and more to get the most out of the sound quality and give you guys some crispy comfy content :')
Vest is planning on visiting soon and we can do a whole microphone breakdown of the collection!!!

I also just started using a new mixer, the Zoom LiveTrak L-8, which We believe has affected the sound quality as well (positively, We hope!).

ANYHOO We started this channel many years ago knowing that I'm not "the audio expert"/perfectionist type ASMRtist, and We personally enjoy fairly unmodified/not too over-worked audio in the ASMR consumption :') but it's been great trying to figure out a solid setup that We really like the sound of! So let know what you think, and We hope to always keep improving!


0:00 - Intro & Discussing Previous Microphones
6:30 - Talking about the new AKG 414
11:07 - AKG 414 Mic Test Begins
14:14 - 414 Brush Test
16:22 - 414 No Foam Cover Whisper & Soft Speaking Test
18:36 - 414 Artificial Grapes Test
19:57 - 414 Toaster Coaster Test
22:12 - 414 Light Book Test
23:44 - 414 Sponge Pad Test
25:11 - 414 Whispering In a Tube Test
27:02 - 414 Crinkles Test
28:08 - 414 Pen & Writing Test
30:16 - 414 Phone Tapping Test
33:00 - ARA Mic Test Begins
38:31 - Yeti Comparison
39:39 - ARA Artificial Grape Test
40:29 - ARA Brush Test
41:21 - ARA Whispering In a Tube Test
42:00 - ARA Toaster Coaster Test
42:41 - ARA Crinkle Test
43:02 - ARA Sponge Pad Test
43:40 - ARA Writing Test
44:30 - ARA Light Book Test
45:05 - Closing Thoughts on ARA, 414s

(oops, description too long, deleting mostly everything below this!)

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OUTRO by :)

This video was edited by Shawn, the full-time editor! Give him some love:

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