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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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December 26, 2021

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OHHHH BABY IT'S TIME FOR SOME HOLIDAY TEA!!!! The content Creator had an idea to do like a "Candy Grams" style video, like in Mean Girls when they send notes with peppermint candy canes and they get passed out in class??? We WANTED TO DO THAT! But in the community! And live to 3 million people! So.... holy moly some of you were BRAVE.... We sent out a Google Form and asked a bunch of questions (perhaps for future videos)... but the main prompt was to get a "confession" from YOU, to someone you had a crush on, or were thinking about, etc..... And oh boy. We got some juicy ones. SO BUCKLE IN! IT'S CUFFING SEASON! If you hate mushy gushy love and romance you better CLICK AWAY! If you like some drama tho.... maybe stay..... cuz some of these got the eyes POPPING OUT OF MY HEAD!!

caveat was that these confessions COULD NOT BE anonymous! So all of these names WERE used with permission!!

Thanks everyone who submitted!!! PLEASE for the love of god DM on Instagram or something if any of these confessions cause u to actually get into a relationship We NEED TO KNOW. THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

And as always, let know what you think! :')

Timestamps if you want to spoil! Mostly cuz We know a lot of people submitted and we could only pick 24, so you won't have to worry through the whole video waiting for yours!

3:17 Sponsor
5:16 Ruth to Rachel
6:39 Tara to Ellie
8:39 Karlie to Ryan
9:24 Aaiza to ???
10:40 Colt to Haley
12:12 Alejandro to Satine
13:14 Kate to Lucas
15:02 Aaliyah to Anthony
16:47 August to Alex
18:10 Allan to Roy
19:47 Cici to Dante
22:20 Anna to ???
23:38 Damien to Lou
24:34 Carlisle to “Dungeon Master”
26:36 Diamond to Sam
27:37 Ryan to Angelique
29:17 Lucilla to Vest
30:01 Jazzeroni to Levi Ackerman
31:04 Marshall to Samantha
32:54 Josephine to Addy
34:48 Alexandra to Adam AND Chaz
35:31 Gabbie to Zachary
36:26 Ruthie to ???
37:36 Ben to Gibi

PS if you notice a misspelling of something in this vid blame Denis not LOOOOL IM THROWING YOU UNDER THE BUS BUDDY - but i didn't want to re-export the whole video and have it be late so.... sorry :)

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