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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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May 23, 2022
LIMITED EDITION: Once the pre-order closes on June 17th, these items will be retired!!!!!!

NOTE: During the first hour, shipping costs were set incorrectly so they should be much more reasonable now! $7 base shipping + $3.50 per item!! ✨🥺

If you ordered before the change, you’ll get a refund for the price difference!! 🤍🤍🤍

WOOOOO Okay forreal The content Creator has some more information down here :D Content Creator is such a dang rambler, so if you don't want to sit through the video, lemme hit u with some FAQs!!

This is the first drop Content Creator is doing with Juniper! c: They have been really lovely to work with and have been so patient with as We definitely wanted to make things the best We could! Content Creator is personally very happy with the final products, and am so ready for y'all to get them in your hands! :D

This drop is a T-shirt and a set of Gibi Toaster Coasters! We decided to do small drops in order to increase the quality of the items, as well as figure out what you guys were thinking. Thank you SO much everyone who answered questions on the community tab/twitter over the last while about the coasters and the shirts! We read all your comments and We hope this is what you were lookin' for! c:
If you'd like more, The content Creator has a bunch of really cool art just waitin' to come out!!!

International Shipping?

The t-shirts are unisex sizing, with measurements on the website if you aren't sure! It is a boxy/oversized fit :) Sizes range from XS to 4XL!
Disclaimer:: in order for the manufacturer to print, we have to hit a certain number of orders. If a size does not hit that number during the 4 week pre-order period, you will be refunded immediately. Thank you so much for understanding! We just wanted to be up front about that possibility. But We hope you all love them and we hit the number ok! :')

The 4-pack of Toaster Coasters is $14.99 USD!
The T-Shirt is $29.99 USD, and comes with a ~FREE CHOKER~!!!! Hahahah omg We thought We was so funny-

Pre-Order Length/Shipping Time?
For the first drop, since We didn't have time to like... PRE-TEASE that it was coming, We decided to go with a longer pre-order time than We would do in the future, to allow y'all enough time to order if you'd like to, since these are only going to be printed/made once!!!!
Pre-order will be open from May 20th, to June 17th, which is 4 weeks! After that, the manufacturer will need 30-45 days to create everything, and then shipping time will vary depending on your country! However, We was told that orders should be reaching people by mid-July 2022. :)

What's a Toaster Coaster???
The Toaster Coaster is what We named the little bread-shaped coaster I've been using in the videos for years!!! It's the favorite ASMR item c:
The one that We made is SLIGHTLY different than the original. We decided to go with a more packed/smooth texture in order to be able to print the logo on it, and to make it a bit more sturdy (I've snapped/broken off pieces of the original toaster coaster pretty easily... oops). We found the texture to be more pleasant to the touch, and did a tapping test to assure you - they sound the same!! :D

GIBI Purple logo on toaster coaster box was designed by Fresh_Bobatae!

Any other questions?? I'll answer as many as We can in the comments below! c: Thank you so much!!!

And just a gentle reminder to PLEASE not feel obligated to purchase: this is for the group of people who have been asking for merch/toaster coasters for yeaaaars lolol... but it took a very very long time to find a group that would actually work with on the quality/items We was looking for, and We think it was worth the wait! But yes, just wanted to say that you simply being here is enough, and We hope you enjoy watching this video regardless!! ❤️

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