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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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October 27, 2021

OOOH BABY this was the undertaking of the century We fully underestimated this - but Content Creator is so happy to present this video to you all!! Please be sure to open the description box!

If you wanted to see the final product, here it is!:

First off, big thank you to DENIS for editing this behemoth of a video!

And again, a massive thank you to Vest and ASMR Weekly not only for the amazing job they did on the final video, but for vlogging their experience as well: i thought it was so important that you guys see not just the contribution to the final product of a video, but when We get help, it's by some incredible talented individuals!

You can find Vest
And ASMR Weekly

Aaand thank you Helix for letting vlog the sponsor portion as well!!! :)

After We was watching the final vlog, it became apparent to that ASMR Weekly had already colored and filtered the footage by the time he handed it off to Vest - something We didn't know and totally missed communication on! The way ASMR Weekly blended the footage from original to the background was incredibly helpful, and then the request to Vest to make the coloring of the footage match the original film as much as possible was simply a creative/subjective choice on the end!!
Content Creator is extremely happy to have been able to watch the behind the scenes of the post production - something We never get to see, only a few DMs back and forth, maybe checking some clips/giving notes, and then the final product...! But this has taught that for next time to be sure Content Creator is communicating any creative requests at the beginning of someone's process so time and effort isn't wasted! We felt terrible that The content Creator had no idea ASMR Weekly had done extra work :-:
Just wanted to note that in case people were confused why we went from warm to cool right after the other ...!
And of course any post production work We get for the videos is compensated!! I've had a couple questions about that before. Outside of a mutually agreed upon social collab, be sure to pay your editors!! :D
ok das all c:


0:00 Start
3:32 Research
11:15 Shopping
15:10 Planning/Writing
20:53 Prop Check
23:43 Accessory Check
26:30 Emailing ASMR Weekly/ Movie Research Notes
31:13 Costume Check
31:47 Lunch/Hades Break
33:02 Fit Check 1
33:16 Makeup Haul
38:44 Script Writing
42:04 Film Room Prep
47:44 Final Prop Check
49:00 Wig Prep
51:04 Screen Test (?)
54:03 Filming (Take 1)
55:03 Taking Thumbnails
57:21 Filming (Take 2)
1:06:53 Done Filming
1:09:45 Post Production Check In
1:11:25 Sponsorship Prep
1:13:07 Fit Check 2
1:14:09 Filming Bedroom
1:18:01 Ad Read
1:20:04 Editing With Vest (Part 1)
1:38:12 Background/Visuals with ASMR Weekly
1:43:08 Editing With Vest (Part 2)
1:47:30 Vlog Editing With Denis (META)
1:55:48 Upload/ Description Writing
1:58:49 Publishing!!

If you ever wondered what it's like to start from nothing, to a completed video... We attempted to sum it all up in 2 hours!!! first idea was to vlog as much as humanly possible... but quickly learned that was actually impossible LOL especially with youtubes time constraints: so Denis cherrypicked the most important bits and things We thought it'd be helpful to see! A lot of it is doing the same thing for a long time :)

If, however, We missed anything you're curious about, please leave a comment, and We will do the best to reply to all of your questions!! We don't have a gear list handy for you but can set that up soon if that's of interest! A lot of it is listed in this video:
but The content Creator has changed a few things since then!

Ok c: hopefully I'm not forgetting anything... We hope you all enjoy this....! AHHH!!!! We was so giddy to watch it all together, a very cool experience for too!!! Let know what you think :) However, We will...never do this again LOLLLLLL much love


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