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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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January 4, 2022

🧾Chapter points📜
00:00 Preview
00:58 for People that LOVE to RELAX
01:33 to give you ALL THE TINGLES
02:05 TINGLY Whisper Assortment
02:39 Doctor Fixes Your Face
03:14 Most Sensitive Ear-to-Ear Whispers
03:54 Long Nail Mic Tapping
04:27 Pure Skin Sounds
05:00 MOST Relaxing Mic Scratching
05:35 Mirrored Touching
06:11 Soothing Ear Massage
06:46 Over-Explaining Your Face
07:22 Southern ASMR
07:59 MOST RELAXING Ear-to-Ear Whispers
08:34 Eating things...ASMR style
09:13 Tingly Nail Tapping + Lid Sounds
09:50 Most Cozy Ear-to-Ear Whispers
10:29 WEIRD ASMR....but, it delivers ALL the tingles
11:02 ASMR | Brain Melting Mic Scratching
11:46 The only ASMR hand movements you’ll ever need
12:20 The only ASMR tapping you’ll ever need
13:29 Sleep in 15 Minutes
14:05 Brain Melting Scratching
14:36 Giving Your Ears ALL The Attention
15:12 Shape Shifting ASMR
15:47 Mic Pumping
16:19 Positive ASMR Motivation
16:51 Candy Mukbang
17:27 ASMR with MY TWIN!
18:04 Fast & Aggressive [with a hint of weird]
18:40 Bloopers Part 8
19:15 Massaging Your Brain
19:49 Let Help You
20:22 Sensitive Face Tracing
20:57 Whispered show + tell of the colorful nail art manicure
21:32 Tapping SO GOOD
22:05 AHS NURSE EXAMINES YOU (Warning : Creepy Tingles)
22:42 for Studying, Gaming, Working, Focusing
23:15 Uncomfortable ASMR with Cupid
23:48 Scarlet Witch Takes Care of You
24:17 Scarlet Witch Brain Massage
24:54 Sleep-Inducing ASMR Haircut
25:28 Sleepy Ear to Ear Whispers
26:01 You WILL Tingle... or We Will MAKE You Tingle
26:35 French Maid Cleans Your Ears
27:10 Calming Face Brushing with Positive Affirmations
27:45 Sleepy Witchcraft - Making You a Sleep Potion
28:20 Ear-to-Ear Inaudible Whispered Secrets
28:55 Intense Mic Scratching with Forks!
29:33 Ear Tickles with the Most Tingly Assortment of Triggers
30:08 Negative Thought Removal with Incredible Scissor Sounds
30:40 for Studying, Gaming, Working, Focusing
31:15 Relaxing Scalp Check
31:50 Handy Woman Fixes Your Ears
32:27 Fluffy Mic Scratching + Gentle Ear-to-Ear Whispers
33:04 Tracing Trigger Words
33:45 to Make You Tingle
34:23 Bloopers Part 9
35:08 Calming Face Brushing with Positive Affirmations
35:42 Ultimate Mic Scratching — One girl, FOUR mics
36:18 MOST Relaxing Long Nail Tapping ASMR
36:57 Pure Hand Sounds + Mesmerizing Hand Movements
38:12 Sleep-Inducing ASMR Haircut
38:50 Scalp Massage Relaxation
39:37 Relaxing Ear Cleaning Tingles
40:17 Slow Breathy Whispers
40:58 Giving You All the Personal Attention...[You're Santa]
41:31 Ear Massage Tingles [CHRISTMAS EDITION]
42:07 Wrap Presents with
42:49 Mommy Tucks You in on Christmas Eve
43:27 Setting Your New Year Intentions + Whispered Countdown
44:07 Fluffy mic scratching

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