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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
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July 29, 2022

Hear how the lyre sounds when professional play it :):
Check out & subscribe to Luthieros YouTube channel! The lyre We use in this video is made by them - in Greece! We will link all of their info below, but please consider subscribing to their YouTube channel if you'd like to enrich your life with some of the most beautiful and relaxing music I've ever heard!
Lutheiros Twitter:
Lutheiros Instagram:
Lutheiros Website for purchase and info:
Lyre Academy for learning:

Just wanted to give them a major shout out because The content Creator has such an affinity for how gorgeous the instruments are crafted - a true art! We reached out and asked if they would ever be willing to essentially rent a lyre to for a video like this, We was nervous We wouldn't really be able to do it justice haha, but they incredibly generously asked if We would be interested in one of their Lyres of Hermes to keep instead! So We diligently took the Lyre Academy courses and hope you enjoy how it sounds!!!!
(but like are you kidding listen to this one

Anyway c:
This is the Hades game to Song of Achilles to Trojan War The Podcast to Iliad to lyre learning to ASMR video pipeline????

I've wanted to do this video ever since We finished reading Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller!! It was really challenging and fun to write something in the Bronze Age / Trojan War timeline - there are a ton of historical conflicts / interpretations / etc. - so this is just the take on it!

I also would highly recommend Trojan War: The Podcast :) It's a retelling of events before and after the Iliad, encompassing the entire Trojan War and understanding what happened!

*Gibi your interests are showingggg ~*
Ok if I'm gonna go this far We may as well link The Best Game of All Time AKA Hades

I got the chiton
And the bronze medallion:

Alright We feel sufficiently explained. Thank u.

WELCOME TO THE TROJAN WAR.... You're a soldier led by King Agamemnon in a fight against Troy to return Helen back to her doting husband, Menelaus, after she was (allegedly) KIDNAPPED by Paris of Troy! You've been on this beach for FAR TOO LONG - and the fighting finally caught up with you... was it the work of that dang Apollo?? Or maybe you just weren't paying attention where that Trojan's spear was headed...
Time to rest up in the medical tent - where the latest of medical advances will surely heal your flesh wound.

Sleep well, rest up! And enjoy the video :)

~ Gibi

(PS - Content Creator is planning on switching to two videos a week starting in August! This is an indefinite change while We catch up on a bunch of work The content Creator has been trying to find time for for the channel. We got really behind when We was sick in June and don't want to release low quality videos just for the sake of releasing videos, so I'm going down to two to see if it's more manageable while We catch up on work on the side!! I'll be posting Wednesdays and Saturdays!)

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